From what I heard GM is discontinuing some of there engines that have been around for awhile and replacing them with a different engine family. From what I remember they are stopping production of there 4.3l, 4.8l, 5.3l and there might be another one I can remember, for the 2014 mode year. But they are being replaced by new Ecotec3 engines that use nearly identical displacement but are in no way the same engine. They will be all aluminum engines that will have cylinder cutoff for better fuel efficiency. They are making these engines still in the 4.3l, 5.3l, and 6.2l but have nothing in common with the old engines. Kind of bums me out a little because I was a huge fan of the cast iron 4.3l. But the new engines do seem pretty cool and even the 4.3l engine is supposed to make huge horsepower for its size.

From what I heard there won't be any 4.8l being made anymore either.

Anyone else heard about this or have any options?