Hey guys,

I posted a thread a while back about going from a 4" suspension lift from BDS to a 6" lift - I contacted BDS and it is do-able. I would have to get the 6" front strut assembly, rear U bolt and bushing kit , 5.5" larger lift blocks, and longer shocks. This will run me a little over $500 and a lot of work.

After some thinking...I looked into zone off road (who to my understanding, is made by BDS) and looked into their 3.5" combo kit - which is a 2" leveling kit and 1.5" body lift - this runs at $200 + $45 rear bumper re-loaction brackets. So obviously a $245 investment with no where near the labor of upgrading my current suspension lift.

So my question....how many of you run body lifts, and, what do you think of them?
How's the ride? Are they safe?.....Anything I should know about them that I'm not thinking of?

The re-location brackets for the rear bumper are for "for appearance only and connot be used for towing", I'm assuming that would be towing with a ball that is on the bumper, not a receiver?

I do tow...not "often" but enough to where this would be a deciding factor if I cannot tow with a body lift.

I would probably get rear wheelhouse liners to cover the space between the body and frame, so there shouldn't be an issue there.

Thanks in advance fellas,