hello I got a 94 chevy Silverado, my issue is when its wet and moist out like from all this snow we getting here in the Midwest, my truck will start up and start to warm up just fine after running for about 5 to 10 minutes. After such time it will rev up and down while idling until finally it just dies. But when im driving it if I hold the pedal steady the motor will just slowly die out unless I pull my foot from the pedal and reapply it it will rev back up a short time and it will just keep doing it until i turn it off, i replaced rotor, cap, wires, plugs, and ignition module. i looked over the distributor cap and it has no cracks. im wondering if it might be the coil or maybe the voltage regulator in the alternator. i do notice when it its acting up it basically dumps gas in, cause the gas gauge will steadily just flow down just trying to drive around town. any opinions or informed guesses appreciated. thank you