Hi everyone, and excuse me for the redundant post, I am sure this has been covered before but I did not see my questions answered on the search function. I have a 85 GMC 4x4 short bed that has a tired 350 in front of a 4 speed auto tranny. I also have a 96 suburban that has a good 350 TBI. Suburban is nearly worthless after my wife really, REALLY whacked a deer.

This gets me to thinking...if I can put the 96 engine in the 85 truck, I would have a sweet setup. For those of you who know the process, is it worth the hassle? Is it very straightforward to swap the engine and computer? Any wiring snafu's that will cause grief? I am fairly handy, and can certainly swap same engine for same engine with my skill level. I am unsure about this swap though, as it involves computers and wiring etc.....

Is there a tech writeup on the process?

Thanks for any guidance!