Hey Ya'll

Well like the title says, stuck tranny filter seal. I've tried the hook picks to pull it out and a pointy pick to get between the seal and the housing but not working. Spent 3hrs on just that and 3hrs just trying to get the pan out. Got it down no problem, but out was a bear. So I've done a bunch of goggle searches for this and they all say the same. I cant't seem to get anything wedged in to get a pair of needle nose pliers on. I've read, try a 1/2 inch threaded brass fitting with a 90 on the end to thread it in then pop it with a hammer. Has anyone tried this with any success? Also seen the hex head and wing nut trick, again has this worked for any? Thanks guys for any good advice. Just a DIY'r trying to take care of my vehicle. Which btw is a 99 Z71 Ex-cab. My truck is out of commision till I get this thing out. Only my second post, be nice