i just got my 92 silverado and since its used there are some things i would like to change.

there are some stickers on my windows that i would like off, its a flyfishing one and a hill air force base one, if anyone cares lol. whats a good way to remove these? they are pretty old and im not sure how to get rid of them without scratching up the window.

next question, the paint is pealing on the hood and was wondering what a good temp fix would be until i get the money to have the whole truck repainted? its a white color and the spot is pretty big, i would jsut like to stop it from getting any bigger

last question, something that is kinda weird on these older chevys is the stereo position, i am big on stereos and want to put subs and aftermarket deck in. can i put an aftermarket deck in the spot next to the steering wheel? or do i have to put it in the spot where the tape deck is and just unplug the stock stereo?

thanks for anyone help!