Hey guys,

A few threads below you will see where I asked your opinions about body lifts. I got some great responses, so I'd like to thank for those that contributed!
I still had some additional questions about the product - so I decided to email their sales dept. seeking some more information, and I gotta tell you, they were amazing.

I spoke with Steve Fendt. He answered very prompt and his responses to my questions were VERY detailed and thorough.
After speaking with Steve and some of the others on the site, I (think) I am going to go ahead and try the 1.5" body lift and get everything done towards the end of April.

Moral of the story is - if you are looking to put a lift kit or anything on your truck, I'd recommend checking out zone. The guys there seemed to be first class.

The same goes for BDS - a which is what I am currently running on my truck and couldn't be happier with. The kit is flawless, and they too, have been very good to me.
Ted Yearling from BDS is great - very knowledgeable and helpful.

Can't go wrong with either of these companies. I just figured that I would share my good experiences with you all and spread the word...I know I always appreciate good customer service...it generally tells a lot about the kind of company they are and what type of product that they have.