I have a suburban k1500 check out my profile i added pics. this was my dream vehicle growing up so the second i got the chance to get one i jumped at it! however now that i have it I'm thinking its going to be a money pit. I bought it with no body damage, no leaks or any engine problems, new tires, 212*** miles and a sound system i honestly could have done without! Now the sound system is off and after closer observation I realized they made a wiring nightmare!(good battery tho lol) It came with a cherry bomb that was old and rusted, before I could replace it someone tried stealing it and got it half cut of! I removed it put on a used exhaust. I put on a 21/2 inch(think its to small?) in December my water pump blew and i replace it along with a pullie that was going out. I have a oil leak i cant find, and today my radiator started leaking. My battery died twice due to a light being left on when someone broke into it( screw driver to the lock tumbler drivers lock missing) I replaced the air filter today. My goals(ill again post) are to do full oil change, change plugs and wires, replace brakes(really needs done), fix/replace radiator, find and fix oil leak, replace exhaust with better fit system, fix body damage. Long term replace bumpers to be all black, new lights, find third row seats, new tires/wheels, fix sound system/wiring.