my '94 suburban started leaking the day before yesterday. I heard a squeak under the hood and when i looked it was a hose clamp on my belt, not a big deal turned the clamp and that fixed that. notice the coolant in the reserve tank was empty and checked the cap it was low. I filled it and then yesterday drove about 2-4 miles to get oil to do my oil change and a air filter. when i got to auto zone i realized under my front bumper drivers side i had a steady drip of coolant. I popped the hood and determined that the coolant was coming from the radiator. I can't see exactly where the leak is. there is some along the side on the plastic and some most at the bottom in the little pan under. I drove home and it was still leaking, however both times after parking for about 5 min the dripping stopped. I can't identify where the leak is exactly.

I had about 21/2 qt of coolant I put in when I filled it. I'm only about 95% sure it was mixed. if I forgot to delude it with water before what could the repercussions of that be? is there a way to check and or fix that? As I said I'm about 95% sure it was mixed however that 5% isn't comforting. lol

My plan is to go to the local pic n' pull and grab one from there as I can't afford a new one. My first question is other than general visual observation is there anything i can do to tell if it leaks? It would be pointless to get a replacement if the replacement will just leak. Also is there any way to determine exactly where its leaking and fix it without pulling it completely out?

lastly is there any tricks or tips to know when working on a radiator other than the basics?

'94 chevy suburban k1500.
251*** miles
new water pump, exhaust, and im mixing coolant at 50/50.

thanks for the help