ok so i had to replace a broken fuel line behine the engine going down and i had to unplug to of the plugs on the distributor to make it easier.. i belive when i put it on i got the 2 mixed up it started drove back firing and runnning like **** but i drove it to work on my brake i was going to take it for a wash switched the wires started sounded better backed up went to go forward and died... so im not getting spark and now im not hearing the fuel pump kick on.. i replace the coil didnt work took the cap off the rotor spins.. i want to switch the realys around to see if that could be it and i have no idea what relay is what i search couldnt find i have a 96 gmc sonoma v6.. my realys are located on the engine bay firewall passenger side theres 4 of them.. its not in the glove box place... but if some one could tell me what realy is what grate if you have ideas on how to get it to work again even better