I have a broken leaf spring shackle under my '99 silverado extended cab. The broken shackle is on the driver side, the passenger side one is fine (for now.) I noticed it today when I was walking towards my truck and I noticed one side was dipped down more than the other, although not significantly. The frame is rusting out slowly, and I don't plan on keeping the truck after this work season (sadly), although I do need it to get me through the summer safely.

This is the passenger side shackle (couldn't get a better angle than this):
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And the driver side, which is obviously the broken one:

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Another angle from underneath, showing the leaf spring holding up the bed
Note it didn't go through the bed, it's actually holding up much better than I expected it to, as I knew it was going to break at some point.
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I just need to know what I would do to fix this. I really don't understand how I would do this without taking it to a shop as I've never done work on a vehicle before. The main reason I'm trying to avoid taking it to a shop is because I'm really short on cash right now, with my work season just starting, and I need my truck for work.

Also, I know there's a lot of rust under the truck. Just had a ton of framework done and replaced two cross members, which cost me a fortune.