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I pulled up a GM blog and it seems this happens quite often and 70k does not seem unusual what really rips me is the average GM repair cost seems to be $500 to $650 this is for transmission cooler lines I would hav expected this to be at least one half of that figure. Does anyone know the line pressure we are talking about? I believe I've seen older vehicles with 2 or 3 ply rubber lines and hose clamps on these joins. I f so is that possible here?
there is no pressure. fluid pumps out of the transmission to the cooler then thru the cooler back into the transmission. disconnect a line [top] with the engine running and you will see its a slow flow.

since its synthetic / transmission fluid the hoses must be for this application you cannot use just any hose. the hoses also must be able to take the heat which can be high from time to time.

double clamping is recommended.

only use a tubing cutter no saws. you could get some new metal tubing and bend into shape and connect with compression fittings.

I would not spend more that $25 to fix this .