So the time has come to rebuild my transmission. I have an 03 Suburban that is all stock with the 5.3. In the future I will be doing some performance upgrades, but no real serious power. I also tow as well, usually just 2 or 3 four wheelers, but once in a while I do tow a heavy trailer and would like the ability to tow my Wrangler if need be, so I don't want to crazy on the torque converter and hurt my towing. Future upgrade plans are to maybe go with a ls6 cam and possibly a power programmer as well, but a least one or the other. Also most likely around 285/75/15 tires with a mild lift and depending on the driving with the larger tires, maybe 4.10 gears.

I have been looking at Circle D converters and the ones offered by Performa Built. Now I know if i hold the brake and throttle, that it gives me a stall of about 2000, but I also understand that can change with engine power and other variables. Also, I am reading that the converter companies use a standard base line to figure the stall speed, and that actual stall will vary with power and weight of the truck. I have been researching for a couple of weeks now, but everybody is talking about high stall speeds and I can't find any info on what would be a good stall to go with for my situation. I have read stories of guys that got a 3600 stall and it killed their towing and driving because it was too much for their needs.

So advice on what stall speed and any personal info on the different converters will be much appreciated. Thank you.