Hey friends,

I'm curious who else out there is getting the same MPGs as me. I can't be the only one. We have an '05 Chevrolet Suburban LS 1500 2wd that is all original with 123,700 miles. 5.3 V8. We bought it one year ago. Ever since we bought it we've been getting great fuel economy (in my opinion). For you skeptics, I test my mileage with a calculator, and with the onboard computer. I even verify mileage against google maps and mapquest to ensure accuracy. It's no longer an issue of whether or not it's happening. Here is what I've learned: my onboard computer is correct. Every time I check it (skeptical myself) it's dead on.

I live in Springville Utah. When I drive on I-15, the freeway, using the cruise control, A/C on, I get the following MPGs:
60mph = 26 + mpg
65mph = 25 + mpg
70mph = 23 + mpg
75mph = 21 + mpg

We drive up to Davis county 2-3 times per month, along with other trips North. I have been checking these numbers and it's gotten boringly consistent. We got back from a trip to Centerville 30 minutes ago, 124 miles round trip. The truck had less than a quarter tank when we left, we didn't fill up, and the low fuel light still hasn't come on. I restarted the trip AVG MPG computer for the trip. By the time we got home in the driveway it was sitting at 27.3 mpg. But while on the freeway it was steady at 27.5 mpg average. I drove 60mph, in the right lane, cruise and A/C on, family and stuff onboard.

What else have I not included?...I put new Michelin LTX MS2 245/75 R16 tires on it last year right after we bought it. Besides that, stock.

Anybody else seeing these numbers? I can't be alone. Click image for larger version. 

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