Hey guys! I just got my first truck, a 98 Chevy 1500 Ext Cab! I just joined the site so im still trying to figure everything out, lol.

But anyways, i got the truck, a new paint job, and $1,000 with the truck. I was wondering what mods you guys would suggest adding to the truck with that money. I am just using the truck to drive to school and back, to take fishing, and hit then mud every now and then!

So, any suggestions on what to add?

note: the truck has
-3" body lift
-35" Trail Grapplers
-Dual flowmaster exhaust
-Cold air intake
-Gear 20" Rims
-New paint job
-110,000 miles

Once agin, i'm new to the site (and trucks for that matter) so sorry if this is all irrelevant. Thanks guys!