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    Default Parking brake on a 2008 Suburban

    I have search as many forum as I can find and no where have i been able to find out how to change the parking brake system on my 2008 Suburban. I did figure out (I think) that there are no adjustments that can be made. so i figure somewhere there is a hidden brake system that needs to be replaced.

    I use my parking brake out of habit because I tow a large travel trailer and park on hills and find it much easier to shift out of park
    Thanks for any help

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    The parking brake shoes reside inside the brake rotor hat. I remember adjusting it once a long time ago. I don't remember though if I took the rotor out or not. But there was an adjustment.
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    does anyone know where i can get the procedure to do this or do i have to wing it....

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    here is a instructional video.

  5. Thanks Nitehawk thanked for this post
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    thank you very much. this is greatly appreciated Will try to tackle this the first warm day i get here..... one day it is raining the next it is snowing then freezing then warm ... sometimes all in the same day... but when it is warm enough or i can get it indoors i will definitely update with the results

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    no problem. better start spraying those caliper bracket bolts with pb blaster and let it soak for a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazar01 View Post
    no problem. better start spraying those caliper bracket bolts with pb blaster and let it soak for a day.
    Fortunately for me the brakes were changed less than 5000 km ago so with any luck they should come off easy with the proper tools

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    I have replaced one side of the trucks parking brake but the other side needs a hardware kit in order to replace seized parts in the actuator, however it is not clear to me or my pars store if the lever that attaches to the cable or the rubber boot it passes through is included, anyone know off hand if it is ?

    by the way they are very simple to replace only took about 20 min for one side. a little bit longer for the other due to the fact that it was seized and i need a puller to remove the disc

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    All done.... an extremely simple job to do. One thing I did find out was that parts are cheaper states side than they are up here in Canada. but I would not hesitate to do a brake job again on this or simular vehicle.
    Thanks for all the info this forum has given me.
    Now to investigate Diablo programmers or bully dog......

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