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I have heard good things about the Detroit Truetrac, though I have no personaly experience. Technically, I would not call it a locker -- it is a gear type limited slip. A lot of people prefer the Truetrac over conventional "clutch type" limited slips because there are no clutches to wear out, so it should last a long time.

Because it is a full carrier replacement unit, be prepared to pay for (or learn how to DIY, if you don't already) a full diff rebuild, including setting up the ring & pinion. If you have 2wd and have considered changing the gear ratio, now would be a good time to make that adjustment, as you will be setting up the R&P anyway. If you have 4wd and want to add the expense of regearing the front, it might also be a good time to consider regearing even if you have 4wd.
I had the Detroit installed when I had my gears changed. I do a lot of off-roading and so far, it has treated me well. As @McShorty mentioned it is not a locker; but if you find yourself getting into a difficult situation, you can get it to "lock" or transfer power by applying the right amount of brake pressure.

Here is a great video that illustrates how much power each wheel gets when traveling over different sufaces (near the end of the 3 minute video).