Been a while

Got a question-will also post it as new.
Smelling coolant again-but not losing much judging from radiator level-which is slowly dropping.
I have noticed the front half of the passenger's side valve cover-is "wet" looking-certainly different-clear demarcation-than back half-like maybe some liquid has been misting on it-
Now it isn't actually wet-but it definitely has had something wet-misting or spraying on it.
Never actually wet-but you know what I mean.
I put paper around that cheezy heater hose to mainfold fitting-thinking it might be spraying leaking-but it wasn't wet after short ride?
There are other hoses fittings there-any ideas?
PS 221,800 98 Suburban bought 6 years back 195,000 miles-it has been a winner-only good thing that has happened to us-$$ wise-in the last 10 years.
Going to do 3000 mile round trip-New Orleans to Flagstaff AZ in 2 months-so got some repairs to do-
luckily 25 days-first SS payment(still work-took early 62-need the $$-it will be a HUGE help) 1998 suburban-

Bunch of things-brake shoes 3 tires oil leak(looks like upper ft of oil pan or cam cover) drain trans fluid-probably change coolant-runs well-still gets good mpg-probably should do plugs wires-old owner cheaped out-aftermarket wires-he rarely cheaped out-took excellent care of it.
Thanks again(yeah-entirely possible intake gaskets again-idiot did work 2-3 years ago-screwed up 3 screws bolts that I know of-so probably many more)