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Go with K&N, they are easy to install. Oh and they are usually cheaper on Amazon than the actual K&N website.
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Ive said it before and Ill stand by it just like stchman posted a quality drop in filter and change out the inlet tube.
Ive seen guys with a little imagination build some great air supply systems for very little money by visiting the local hardware store and seeing whats available.
Theres not a huge amount of power to be gained without internal engine upgrades done in conjunction with exhaust upgrades and intake upgrades.
Yuo might pick off a couple horsepower here and there but when combined they wont all add up to a neck snapping change.
But the audible change coupled with visual change can sometimes be worth the price.
I agree both ways. You can't really argue with the facts about the K&n set up. It's a little steep price wise but the warranty is 2nd to none. Then you can always make one yourself for half the price and it'd prolly do the same.