Hey guys, so in another thread i mentioned having to figure out how to lift my rear bumper to match my body lift that was installed in the truck by a previous owner. Now I'm considering just removing my body lift all together... but i have a few concerns... I currently run 295/75r16... if i take out the body lift will i need to buy smaller tires? its a 2000 silverado ECSB 4.8 2wd

and also... how much am i going to hate my life doing this? I understand the obvious that needs to be uninstalled but is there a write up i just didnt find on how to remove a body lift? I didnt install it so im not sure... lol

Any help appreciated guys... I just think im accepting the fact that the truck is infact 2wd, and now having a new born getting him in and out of the lifted truck is a PITA. Im thinking of going low with it. I ordered a flow master super 44 for it today. Might also plastidip the whole truck.

Any input welcome guys!