Hi all, I am new here, but have been searching for answers to a question or two, this seems like a good place to start. We have a 2006 Express Van, 4.3 V8, Cargo. It is used daily for hard work, several hundred miles and pulls full utility trailer. The van works hard and hardly gives any trouble. It has been running a little warmer from 210 to 230 and back down. My research says that can be normal and not to worry. I would like a better opinion though. Also, I really want to know what aftermarket mods or performance parts may exist for the van that can help it out with its workload and maybe make it easier on the engine freeing up power and making it run easier and live longer.

Have any of you added anything to your van to boot performance? Do you know of anything that may help to cool its engine during hard runs? Any ideas would help. Thanks so much!