I'm new to the forum and tried posting earlier but it didn't go thorough. I found an 04 Yukon Xl Denali that is perfect for me and the family. I have spent the last few days doing research on the vehicle and have seen many many posts about the tranny for this year. Should this be a deal breaker for me? I'm nervous to even buy it because how much negativity I've seen. It is a great looking vehicle and the price is right in our budget. It is an 04' AWD with 110,000 miles. Carfax says 3 owners but one of them was the dealer. Other than that according the car fax the maintenance was regularly performed during the last 40,000 miles and just 500 miles ago the front and rear differential were flushed and serviced.

Are the bad transmissions such a problem that I should be looking for something else? I figured better safe than sorry and I should ask here to people with actual experience before I purchase anything.

Thanks in advance for any help.