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    Yeah-good point-this isn't a OEM manu warranty.
    Aftermarket warranties-generally not worth much-can do pretty much whatever they write into the warranty-
    the small print
    Which is why they usually aren't worth what you pay for them.
    Just do what you want-probably nothing will break early so it won't matter anyway.
    A good sound would have been worth something to me when I was younger.
    Now-I just want good mpg and easy cheap to maintain/fix DIY and comfortable to road trip(me wife dog maybe cat too)- hence the old suburban-
    1998 suburban-
    1/2 ton

    199500 miles

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    Awesome, thanks for the responses guys. Looks like I'm going to be getting the exhaust done soon.
    2008 6.2L GMC Sierra Denail

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    IMO, the only thing you may void is the warranty on the exhaust, but that's it.

    Just take your truck to another dealership. Call GM and ask them about it.

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    Let's be honest with our answers...the dealer does not have to prove anything, unless you take him to court. You show up needing some warranty work, and he says "No way", you are done unless you want to battle it through a lengthy, and possibly costly, process.

    Chances are the warranty you bought is not underwritten by GM. Call your warranty service company and ask them if "changing a muffler" will void the warranty. IF they say "no", record their name and the date. Unless you are adding headers or removing the cats, that is pretty much what you are doing. Extra pipe, tips, etc, can all be written by the installer as "necessary to satisfactorily complete the replacement of the muffler".

    I bought a new Chevy truck in 2004, and I will never, EVER buy another vehicle from a GM dealer again The truck had problems, and they did do their best to repair it, again, and again, and again, each time getting paid by GM for the work, but not fixing the problem. Dealers are weasels, and anyone who disputes that only has to look at the outrageous, shameful amount of complaints and legal actions filed yearly. Having said that, there are some rare upstanding dealers out there, so don't be insulted if you are one of them. I know you are out there, but far too rare for me to ever buy from GM again. Just my personal opinion, though.

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    You paid for the warranty, might as well keep the truck stock until the warranty expires so you get your value out of it. I wouldnt do anything that would fuel their fire so to speak and lead them to reject your claims on an otherwise stock truck, besides exhausts dont sound good unless the truck has a cam in it anyways.

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    Currently living in Medford, Oregon. Was raised in Athens, Georgia


    Dealership finally came out and told me to truth and told me its ok to get aftermarket flowmaster or magnaflow is the question lol

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