Hey yall... my Van is a 2002 Chevy 2500 express 3/4 ton V8.

today I went out to head for a job with my Van, and when i went to put the key in the ignition , dash lights came on for a split second and i turned the key in the on position, and it didint even try to start. then i turned the key back in the off position and when i removed the key, i started hearing this CLICKING noise, sounds like a relay trying to catch or something. so i did some research and found the part that was clicking. its a little black box with the ignition purple wiring leading to it right under my dash. so i found the part at GM dealership and changed the part (with the battery disconnected) hooked everything back up and the problem still occurred. Then!! i was thinking it could be the starting relay in the fuse box up front near the engine. changed that and still no change!

I noticed a few weeks ago that every other time i would turn the key in the on position, i would have to hold the key in the on position for about 1-2 seconds before it tried to start. well the problem got worse till eventually it would start anymore. so i changed the battery, it worked well for about 2 weeks, then the problem started again.

so now i'm kinda confused on what it could be. does anyone have any suggestions?