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    Question Frame Repainting

    After 17+ years of dirty salty and wet New England winters much of the pint on my frame has warn away and in its place is surface rust. Later this spring I will be removing said rust and repainting the frame with flat black Rustoleum and a few layers of clear coat. I'm just wondering what the best method for this would be. I will try to remove all the parts I can to paint them as well.

    My method was going to be sand and brush off all the rust I can then tape/cover all I don't want black and first coat it with Rustoleum primer then a few coats of flat black and finish with 2-3 coats of clear. Anything else I should do?

    1996 Chevy Tahoe LT 5.7L V8 4X4 205,000+ miles. Built proudly at Janesville Assembly in Janesville, Wisconsin
    Basic mods: Lights all over, bunch of electrical work, and a couple cooling mods.

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    You're on the right track but I recommend a few more steps.

    • Remove as much as you can mechanically (i.e. sand, wire brush, dremel, drill).
    • Hit it with a chemical to get what you missed, as you can't/won't remove it all, mechanically. (I like Eastwood gel rust dissolver.)
    • You -could- go to primer next OR you could hit it with Eastwood fast etch -- which is yet another rust dissolver ... but this one leaves behind a protective coating that's also a prepped, paintable surface.
    • Prime it with several coats -- I like Eastwood's rust converter, as it guarantees you've not painted over rust.
    • Paint it -- top it with whatever you like. If you plan to keep the vehicle I'd suggest Eastwood's heavy duty anti-rust coating, as it can be had in clear (which is actually more of an amber) or black ... and leaves behind a self-healing, anti-rust film.

    If you choose to apply the anti-rust coating then it's good to maintain it every 1-2 years by cleaning under the truck and re-spraying it, since it will wear away (like anything, even you OEM paint). If you've got a pneumatic paint sprayer that's the way to go for your spraying needs, as you get much better volume control (i.e. you'll use less material) than with rattle cans.

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    I did plan to sand and grind all the rust I could, but I didn't think about the remover. I'll look into that. I don't own a paint gun because my dad doesn't trust them because they jam/clog often. I see you have great dedication to Eastwood products I will check them out I was picking the Rustoleum because it is easy to use and convenient.

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    @Conlan Rose,
    I wouldn't call it dedication. Rather, a number of folks on this very site have spoken well of Eastwood products, I tried them, myself, and had a similar experience. Here's a thread for reference:

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