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    Default oil cooler hoses


    1995 Chev Tahoe four wheel drive 51 000 miles.

    Why do the oil cooler line hoses always seem to leak where the metal tube is crimped to the hose part. Are Dorman cooler line hoses as good as Delco? Look same to me. Should I have the 2 fittings with the plastic clip replaced that hold the line replaced or just get the 2 lines. Do the lines come with clips or do you buy them separate?

    I think this is the 3 rd set of these, last ones made 3.5 years...seems like a poor design.

    Thank You

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    my 95 developed the same leak. It was under warranty and the dealer replaced the hoses. After that it was fine until I sold it 12 years later. I did have frequent problems with the oil filter adapter leaking. It would send oil all over the lines.

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    very common problem, anytime you have a fitting that goes from metal to rubber it can be bad.

    But as pikey said the oil filter adapter can leak and make it look like the cooler lines are leaking, and if you do replace the lines replace the plastic clips as well

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    Thanks Pikey neat avatar too! I may have a bit oil near the adapter, but not much. I even wrapped cloth around the lines then put the plastic sleeves over the rags and tie-wrapped them overtop. Now they must be leaking again, as I have oil on the cross member behind the rad, in the drive, and when I grab the line I get an oily hand.
    I assume they are leaking where the metal tube is crimped to the hose, such a poor least I think.
    I can't afford the dealers to do .. so it is DYI ??
    1) Are the Dorman 107 & 108 good? Seem to be same as dealers, except 17 & 19 dollars.
    2) Do I need to get the 2 fittings that go onto the oil pump? Or can I use the old ones?
    3) Do these fitting break? As I read another post about being pot metal?
    4) What about the plastic clip that holds the pipe into the fittings ... do they come separate or with cooler lines?
    5) Does the "O" ring that goes into the rad come with the cooler line?
    6) I read another post to just buy two brass plugs and get rid of these lines completely?
    7) Can I do this without a hoist, by laying on the ground.
    Thanks I know this is a lot to ask, but I am stuck and need to do this to save some dollars.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Z71_Guy Thanks I posted some other concerns a few minutes ago. Could you read it please and advise. Should fittings in adapter be replaced too? Ron3033
    Quote Originally Posted by Z71_guy View Post
    very common problem, anytime you have a fitting that goes from metal to rubber it can be bad.

    But as pikey said the oil filter adapter can leak and make it look like the cooler lines are leaking, and if you do replace the lines replace the plastic clips as well

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    for your questions

    1 i have never used anything but napa or dealer hoses
    2 you can use the two old fitting but i would recommend getting new ones
    3 I have never broke one but it can happen usually made of cheaper metal
    4 I think that you have to get the clips separate
    5 the oring usually comes with the lines
    6 I wouldnt plug the cooler lines off they are their for a reason to keep the oil cool, Now if you do not do much or any towing you could do it but im not a big fan of doing that.
    7 you can do this without a hoist a little more of a pain but it can be done.

    How bad are the lines leaking, if they are not to bad you could just leave them

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    Hello Z71 The Tahoe just cost me $180 to get exhaust leaks fixed passenger side y pipe connector to manifold and leak around oxygen sensor. They took down y pipe, did a nice weld job where o2 sensor had a little whistle leak. New studs, pucks, clamps ...... labour. Just what I did not need right now.

    Called the local GM dealer one oil cooler line was $72.49 & the other was $75.52. What makes these so expensive? Did Delco change how the supplier makes them?
    I have had both Delco and Dorman ... seem the same in the past ... looks wise and performance wise, 4 years seems to be all they last.
    Dorman are 17 & 19 $$. Do you know anything as to why the Delco are so costly, and I never had any better luck with the Delco... other than paying more.

    They should modify these to be braided hoses possibly that would work better. As for leaking, I had wrapped the hose portion with cloth an put the plastic protector sleeves overtop of the cloth and zip tied them. They seem , or one is saturated, I get oil drips on my drive. The weather has been terrible for me to undo the rags and clean up the hoses and see how bad they leak. Napa hoses are they Dorman or another brand manufacturer?

    Your thoughts are most appreciated.

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