Hi. I searched but couldn't find an answer. I have a 2010 Silverado WT with a 4.3L V6. I bought it new and let the dealer do the oil changes and tire rotations. I decided that since money is getting tight right now that I can save some money by rotating my own tires and changing my own oil, and I actually miss doing this work myself. I start with the oil change. I get it on ramps and take a look. Looks easy enough. (My last truck was a 1990 with a 305 and I did all the routine maintenance for the 13 years I drove it. So besides resetting the computerized nonsense this should not be any harder.) I get my ratchet out and try to remove the oil drain plug. Damn its tight! Oops it slipped and rounded the edges of the plug a bit. I didn't want to mess anything up and decided to take it to the dealer one more time to do these services. When I ask them to change the oil and rotate the tires I also ask them if they can use hand tools instead of air powered impact wrenches to tighten the drain plug and lug nuts so that they are not so tight that I can't use my own hand tools at home if I decide to work on my truck myself. Well of coarse the the service manager tells me he can't hand tighten the lug nuts on the tires because it will be a safety issue because the lug nuts will work their way off while driving, and same with the oil drain plug. So I ask him is this something that all new trucks need? I changed my own oil and rotated my tires with my 1990 for the thirteen years I owned it and never had it fall apart or anything come loose after tightening them with my own hand powered tools. He didn't know what to say to that. So I told him if your not comfortable using your hand tools than just do it your way. I didn't have any fight in me at the time and my oil needed changing.

So what I want to know is do I need to buy and air compressor and impact wrenches and whatnot to just change oil and rotate tires?, or if I find a way to loosen these parts by hand is it alright to use my hand powered ratchet and my hand power lug nut wrench and my own power to tighten the lug nuts and the drain plug like I did with my old truck? Or is something different on these new trucks? Because I don't want parts falling off my truck because I didn't use an air powered impact wrench.

I'm pretty sure the service manager is BSing with me. Also, the one time I had work done on the brakes of my old 1990 truck the dealer tightened its lug nuts so tight I busted the wrench that came with the truck for removing the tires. So if this is the case if I ever got a flat on my new truck that has had its lugs overtightened it would be pointless to try to put the spare on it. I would just possibly destroy another factory lug wrench or just bust my gut trying to loosen the lug nuts.

(On a side note I also found out the hard way that there is only one headlight bulb that can be replaced without having to take the whole front of the truck apart. Damn! vehicles have gotten dumb in 20 years. I figured technology would have made them easier to own, but instead it just made 10-20min repair jobs go to 2-3hr jobs!)