My 94 full size Blazer is giving me fits. I get in it to go to work, starts right up, drives fine all the way to work. Get off work go out to start it, wont start. Cranks like crazy but wont catch. Anyway, replaced the coil, no start. Replaced the rotor and cap and bingo, starts right up. But 50 feet from there it dies.
Start it, drive a little ways and it dies. Put it in nuetral , keep the r's up and it will stay running. But if I put it in gear, it dies. Finally get it home. let it sit all weekend, get in monday morning, starts right up, drives me all the way to work, no problems. Get in to come home, starts up, half way home it starts that same crap all over again. Get it home, let it idle in the drive way and it sounds like a cam shaft from hell. It wants to die but it wont let itself. Could I have done something under the hood by accident when I was doing the other stuff? Any ideas what this could be? I hate Intermittent problems!!!