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    Default External oil cooler for Silverado/Sierra's?

    This is something that has confused me for a long time as we know heat is the main enemy of engines.... I see posts about adding or upgrading transmission coolers all the time; However no one, even google is not able to produce any evidence of an "external oil cooler".

    Apparently they exist and they are not standard issue, the reason for this, at least on my 2000, above the oil filter, there are 2 ports (I assume an in and an out) and I have heard some people in passing, refer to an oil cooler.

    This is not the best pic, I had posted it in reference to the oil leak problem I am having in my 5.3L but it looks like there is a port on top of the casing that the oil filter is attached to (facing up).

    If anyone could provide some insight as to what an oil cooler(I know what it is, but specifics), with links, photo's and potential part numbers, that would be great.

    Thank you.

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    Im on a kindle and its giving me problems posting pictures and links but if you change your google search a little to "external engine oil cooler" I think you should find a bit more info.

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    External oil coolers come stock on the heavier trucks I think. I have the 350 in my Suburban, and I plan to install an oil cooler and dual-filter block on it using a remote oil filter adapter. It goes in place of the stock oil filter and gives a pair of fittings that you can route the oil elsewhere for filtration and cooling if you want. Coincidentally, it also increases your oil capacity by a little bit.

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    An LT1 out of my firebird did not have an oil cooler, but I bought an LT1 out of a 96 Caprice wagon and it had a heavy duty oil cooler which I deleted and bought the block off plate kit.
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    Hi Guys,

    I am not sure what happened to my message notifications but I did not get any notices that people had replied back.

    I will adjust my google search and see what I come up with. I probably won't perform this upgrade on my current truck as it is not worth it at this point, but the truck I am looking at getting by Feb of next year will get the upgrade.

    Are external oil coolers specific to gas engines or are they available on Duramaxes as well since diesels run cooler to begin with?. (they also take 11 quarts of oil instead of 5.5 ot 6 quarts like my 5.3L.

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    Ive seen external oil coolers on almost every make internal combuston engine, many are probably overkill for the engine their on but if you have a hard working engine it can almost allways benefit from oil cooling.
    Keep in mind though much like engine coolant you want a minnimum temperature for oil so it doesnt stay to thick (viscosity), if your running an engine a lot on the highway and in town but not pulling a lot of loads you might want to look at a double filter system it'll offer a small amount of cooling, better fitration, and an increased oil capacity.
    If heavy hauling is your plan then maybe both mods would be better (external oil cooler, and double filter).

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