By: Restyling News
Friday, May 24, 2013

The look of its pickup trucks is so important that General Motors put its best man on the job: the guy who does the Corvettes. Fresh from the task of designing the 2014 Stingray, Tom Peters took on the task of freshening up — and toughening up — the Chevrolet Silverado and its fraternal twin, the GMC Sierra. “A fist in the wind” is how Peters, the director of exterior design for Chevrolet trucks, full-size crossovers and performance cars, describes the pickups’ design, as reported by The New York Times.
The new G.M. trucks are not alone in looking as if they can deliver a punch. The latest full-size pickups from G.M.’s crosstown rivals, Ford and Ram, step into the ring with flattened noses, their huge, blunt grilles often slathered in bright trim. A special edition of the latest Toyota Tundra seems to have as many bars as Milwaukee, capped with a flat, wide nostril. Peters said there is a trend toward a "bigger, bolder look," The New York Times reported.
Automobile grilles have long been carefully created to reflect the image of their brands and a particular model’s place in the hierarchy, while truck grilles were comparatively bare and basic. But with trucks locked in ever-fiercer sales battles, their grilles have grown larger and more eye-catching, a modern, motorized riff on the battle shields of medieval crusaders, according to The New York Times.
After taking a hit when the economy slumped, pickup sales are on the rise again on the strength of a rebounding construction industry: Ram (previously known as Dodge Trucks) gained 49 percent in April from a year earlier, and the full-size truck sales of G.M. and Ford each rose around 24 percent. Manufacturers are scrambling to grab larger shares of this highly profitable market with tougher, more distinctive designs, the newspaper reported.
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