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    Default What grade of gas do you run in your chevy?

    Like the question asks, what grade do you use and why.

    I use premium. Figured a premium truck needs premium gas lol
    2008 6.2L GMC Sierra Denail

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    A constantly revolcing debate...

    I run 87 Octane. The basic, recommend for my truck. It's by no mean "high performance" so it doesn't need high-octane gas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by repley81 View Post
    Like the question asks, what grade do you use and why.

    I use premium. Figured a premium truck needs premium gas lol
    Read your owners manual and you will discover what fuel you need to run.

    Run whatever the owners manual states the engine needs. You have a Sierra Denali, they only come with the 6.2L engine and therefore you MUST run at least 91 octane or better.

    It's not that it's a "premium" truck, just that the 6.2L engine reguires higher octane fuel.

    My 5.3L engine requires 87 or better octane. Running 93 gives you nothing other than spending more at the pump. I don't care what someone's uncle, niece, grandfather, etc. says. Premium does not contain magic stuff to transform an engine that requires 87 octane into a 500HP beast. Also, if you require 87 octane, running 93 will NOT give you better fuel economy, no matter what Billy Bob says.

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    I run premium... I have a performance tune that requires 92 or better octane.
    2009 Chevy Silverado 2500HDLT 6.0L w/ Towing Package, Dick Cepek GM8 Rims, Dick Cepek FC II 33X11.50R17,RKSport Ram-Air Hood(Functional), Lazer Lite Aluminum Tonneau Cover, Road Armor Stealth Bumper, PIAA Lighting, Diablo Trinity Tuner, Diablew Custom Tune, BullyDog Cold Air Intake, American Racing Headers w/highflow cats, Corsa Performance Sport Exhaust, Custom Striping, Black Bowties front and rear, Fuel Grille Inserts, Recon Headlights, Readylift Shocks, Readylift Upper Contol Arms, 2" Blocks in the Rear..

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    This is one I've seen a number of folks have pretty strong attitudes about and have never known anyone to change their minds much. I know a few people who really focus on grades and or brands of gas, with many others who are the opposite. Its like most things...its what ever you are most comfortable with and what seems to get the results you are looking for in your trucks.

    Gas is something I'm pretty finicky about. I worked at then ran a Sohio station for years which was owned by a small Chevrolet dealer which gave me some unique (though a bit outdated) views on both sides. The manuals do give the suggested level of gas, but that is the minimum the car will properly run on. Whether or not a higher grade will produce higher mileage is something you have to check for your self. Some cars do...others don't.

    With the exception of my kids cars (old, high mileage, and hand-me-downs) I run premium in all my vehicles. Its not so much for any higher mileage, even though a few of my cars do get a small bump of 2-3mpg with it, as it is for the added cleaners and what not. On top of the grade of gas, I also try to use specific brands so the blends are fairly consistent. My #1 is Shell, #2 is BP, #3 is Sunoco...past that its almost always going to be I'm in the middle of nowhere and need something or I'll be walking.

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    I run regular. I have run premium in the past because a friend insisted that it gives better fuel economy. I did notice a slight increase in mpg. 1mpg. Not worth it in my opinion. When I worked in the garage I noticed that the mid grade was the tank that never had to be filled. Maybe once for every five the other two were filled. No one ever bought it. It was either premium or regular that was purchased. So, I will never run midgrade as I like to call it "old gas" that has sat in the tank forever.

    1995 Silverado 4x4
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    2002 Silverado ext cab 2wd (Sold)
    2003 Yukon XL (Totaled)

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    I run a custom Diablew tune that is tweaked to maximize mpg on 87 octane, so that's what I run. I buy 87 octane pure gasoline (as opposed "ethanol-enriched" gasoline that contains "up to 10% ethanol") any time I can get it ... and am of the opinion that THAT (pure gasoline instead of 'ethanol-enriched' gasoline) makes a more substantive difference than gas grade, these days.

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    Just to toss a little real world into the debate, and to respond to a "gas grade" thread from a while back, I tried the following last weekend. 400 miles each way. Started with a full tank, reset and used the DIC.

    The "away" direction, I started with a near empty tank and filled with 91 octane My truck generally gives pretty good gas mileage, however, this tank averaged only 17.8 mpg.

    The "return" trip (same 400 miles), I filled with 87 octane and reset the DIC. For this trip, the truck gave me 20.3 mpg.

    Same roads, started at sea level, drove to sea level, returned to the starting sea level. The weather was the same, the time of day was the same. I drove the entire time, and I drove the same speed (70 to 75 mph).

    Of course, I did not fill at the same pumps, that and the octane were the only differences.

    '09 Avalanche LTZ - Black
    '05 Envoy XL (sold)

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    Using the Regular 87 octane since my custom DiabLew tune is set up for it and the truck is my DD.
    * My post are intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken serious unless I'm posting in the Buy/Sell section of this board and all opinions are that of mine ONLY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayVoy View Post
    I did not fill at the same pumps, that and the octane were the only differences.
    Not necessarily true. Wind makes a huge difference when you are driving something with the aerodynamic properties of a cinder block, like like our trucks ... and you didn't mention wind direction or speed in either case.

    I've actually noticed substantive (1-3) mpg losses in 20-40 mph winds when I'm running against them. So, you'd really need to repeat that round trip (using the same fill-up points on each end, same driving techniques, same traffic conditions, etc.) multiple times. Once done, average across it and toss out any obvious outliers to get a solid feel for what could be expected in the real world.

    Why? Your one round-trip run might, itself, be an outlier...

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