Hi all, great web site you have here, tons of great info I've been a Chevy GMC guy all my life. I work for a used car dealer and we buy and sell many Suburbans and Yukon XL's. I am looking to upgrade from my 1998 Tahoe into a 2003 -2006 Suburban or GMC Yukon XL. I like the way the longer trucks drive over the shorter ones and like the added towing and storage capacities of the bigger truck. I drive everything we get to see if I can find a suitable replacement. We just got in a trade that I really like. Its a 2003 Suburban LT 4x4 5.3 with 141,000 on it. Original one owner and it has a perfectly clean car fax and the owner kept it in near perfect condition. It has all original motor trans etc. I can get it for about 6500.00. A few questions I would like for you guys to answer if you have time. The only thing I feel it needs is tires. I'd like to replace the shocks, since they are original, and do the alignment to make sure I get max miles out of the tires and front end parts. I drive almost exclusively on highway and local roads and little if any snow covered roads so my main objectives are a comfortable, quiet , smooth ride. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. Also should I do rears, transfer case, trans, coolant flushes and anything else you would recommend or look out for ? I know this is a lot for my first post but I would love to get some ideas from all you with so much knowledge of these trucks. Thanks in advance. LarryClick image for larger version. 

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