I hail from state of Washington, where for some unknown reason, we're still having snow and cold weather.
I have 2 vehicles : 99 1/2 ton LS 5.3 Chevy Silverado, Black, shorty w/ hard canopy, dual Flowmasters, & tuned with Hypertech to put out 15 - 20 extra HP over stock. The bad part though is it runs on Premium to achieve the extra git up, along with K&N & low temp thermostat. It has nearly 113,000 miles and has been fairly trouble free. Still haven't had brakes or shocks done yet.
The other is also a 99 Chevy, C5 Corvette MN6 coupe with a set of Borla stingers, Hurst, lightweight aluminum flywheel, skipshift, CLB, and few other goody mods, and has about 64,500 miles, light metalic Pewter, exterior Oak/black interior. My Truck is paid for. The Vette will be paid for in 3 yrs, & 3 months.
Then I hope to be able to really get some mods done on both truck & vette, but we'll see.
Looks like pretty cool forum. Anyway, I'm single again, will be 57 in October, & have a 22 yr old son who is employeed as mechanic in Longview. I'm employeed in computers with the state.
Have lot's of interests, ie Music, computers, sci-fi, star gazing, and in about 5 yrs plan to get into RV'ing to hopefully find a nice warm (not too warm though) city in Arizona to move to.
More to come later.