i done a engine swap to a 1989 S10 2.5L engine about a week and half ago and it ran good after retiming and everything. I used my timing light to confirm that it's right on what the book says. Well i went for a drive this past sunday and it started driving pretty darn good then it started spitting, sputtering, and backfiring for some reason. well i took it back home and as soon as i pulled in the drive way it quit and wouldn't not start back. well i got the time to check everything out and i replace the distributor cap, Rotory button, plug wires, plugs and ICM (ignition control module) in the distributor and still nothing.

I think i got it narrowed down to the coil but there is no way to have it tested to make sure thou.What i was going to do is go to auto zone and buy a new one and try it and if that don't do nothing then i don't know what I'm going to do. i have check everything i could think up and plus read the entire book check every fuse,relay and everything the only thing it could be is the dang coil went out.I'm about to take this thing to the dang shredder it's getting on my last nerve.

So if anyone has Any information would be totally great full if someone can tell me something i haven't already check.