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    Hey guys been a while but lots done this month and it's running. So here is the down pipe getting welded

    Here it is from the top

    Sticks into the wheel well a bit but doesn't hit anything

    Here is a fire up video

    And one from a stop

    I've had a few issues, it was falling on her face under boost and struggling for rpm so new plugs gapped down to .032 and some plug grease on the ends solved that. It still has a hesitation under boost but it isn't tuned yet. Ill get a few more pics and videos up with final price and hp once everything is figured out.

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    Well its time for an update, I have been working some bugs out over the last little while.
    First was tuning, 06 pickups did not have room in the computer for a custom operating system so I now need to go to the wreckers and pick up a used accelerator pedal, tac module, and wire, then upload an 05 computer program and cos.
    second was boost. I wasn't seeing near the boost I was hoping for, but after talking to a few people I changed some springs around in the factory gm 6.5 waste gate actuator and that solved the problem. 6 psi in first, 9psi in second, 12psi in 3rd and 4th, 7psi in 5th with the cruise on at highway speeds when its called for. turbo is building boost around 1800rpm and is completely spooled by 2400, it starts dropping off again around 4800.
    third (completely related to 2) I am now however running out of fuel on the stock injectors when the engine is working good, but I have a set of 56 pound injectors just need to order a set of ev1 plug ends.
    So im still driving this thing everyday which is a little sketchy since it has no tune but the afr readings are pretty good. My fuel millage is still decent if I behave, last tank of premium got over 600 kms on a tank. According to my iphone dyno, I have seen an average jump in horsepower from 220rwhp to 250rwhp, a gain of 30 horse at the wheels untuned. My 1/4 mile has dropped from average 17.3 to 16.7 but I havent been able to really push it yet. I cleaned up the exhaust this weekend so it is now 3' turbo back through a magnaflow muffler, it sounds good and you can hear a nice turbo whistle at lower end. I will get some better pics of what it looks like now and see about a video tomorrow, I am very pleased with it now and cant wait to be properly tuned. its going to be awesome.

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    Thanks for the update
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    Do you have more pictures? I love seeing this types of projects. Looks great so far!!

    1996 Chevy Tahoe LT 5.7L V8 4X4 205,000+ miles. Built proudly at Janesville Assembly in Janesville, Wisconsin
    Basic mods: Lights all over, bunch of electrical work, and a couple cooling mods.

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    Couple of the finished product

    Cross over and down pipe

    i tried to get a video but I'm not very good with you tube, I'll get a friend who does video to make a good one.

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    knightracer_08 shared very nice pics. I think all the pictures are looks like saying something. It's very nice to see engine our other parts.

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    Thats a huge build! Very cool seeing it done to a standard cab short box too. I've usually see it on extended cabs
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    Holy hell! That's a cool build! Might think about increasing exhaust size though. 3.5" would be pretty optimum for your build. 3" is pretty stock and restrictive with the tubo.

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    You've certainly done a lot with this. Nice work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightracer_08 View Post
    After five years of beating my poor 06 silverado to all over the the place and racking up 320,000 kms on it, I wanted some more power and to start working towards an overhaul. It still needs to be a daily driver, go down back roads/bush, and embarrass a hemi or two, My friend built a 427 stroker with a trick turbo set up and I decided to see how cheap I could build my own turbo system. I used a set of ls header flanges, 3' skid 40 pipe, gm3 turbo, ebay complete intercooler kit with hks knock off BOV, knn air filter, ebay oil line kit. So here it is after a couple months of fabricating and ordering parts off ebay.

    manifold started

    Bolted down ready for welding

    prep work on the turbo

    fabing up the exhaust dump

    drilled and tapped the oil line

    every thing welded together

    fitting the manifold. required a little firewall/hammer love.

    turbo mounted up.

    intercooler mounted up.
    Things to come this week is finish the intercooler piping, drain line for the turbo, wiring for the mass air flow sensor, wideband and boost gauges, ignition wire protectors, re route the heater hoses and order the turbo blanket. total to date not including gauges and six puck clutch is 660$, this includes border fees to ship lots of this stuff to Canada.
    Really nice work on this @knightracer.

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