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    Likely its just a dirty speed sensor or one that failed which is very common on 90's GM trucks. Mine has a dead left side speed sensor so my ABS doesn't work. I'm happy I've only needed it a few times and those were times where I had done all in my power to stop safely and the ABS kicked in and did its job.

    I agree traction control(depending on what it help you do), on star dead switches, and drive by wire and dumb in many ways, but I find ABS very safe and important to modern vehicles. I don't have drive by wire I have a throttle cable that goes from the petal to the throttle plate.

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    well, i did unplug the large guage connection on the ABS pump with the truck running, but only for a few moments... i though there was air in the pump, but the dudes at the shopt, who double checked my work and bled the system, said they could not find any codes in the computer for the ABS. it just decided to come on.
    so ill reset the computer again and see, but... idk... abs only helps you in 2 senarios

    1. wet/snowy/slick roads on a down hill.... which is a ****ty senario with any braking... (my first accident actually lol)
    2. realizing you cant stop, ABS lets you steer the vehicle into a ditch rather than into someones rear bumper, cause the wheels are still rolling forward.

    overall ABS should keep your vehicle tracking straight, so the back end wont come around on you
    usually when i turn the wheel with locked brakes, it just turns into a power slide....
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    well, suddenly my ABS went out.
    this is great! the brakes feel much more responcive.
    im gonna save and accumulate a whole new line kit to delete the pump from the hydrolic system, cause its obvious the junction and distribution blocks work great to split the pressure.
    this way i can lock and slow how *I* want and not how the computor wants =)

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