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Haha, don't want to hijack your thread, but here is one more: http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/
I'm always baffled when someone tries to confine conversation to some narrow scope, online ... because I find myself asking if that person would do it while talking with them face-to-face. I've never met someone who did that face-to-face ... and suspect it's an online-only behaviour. That begs the question of why people elect to be controlling conversation pr1cks, online ... and makes me think little of people who do it. (Check the very last line of my signature, below, if you doubt this...)

Add that all up, and unlike some thread Nazis, I just don't perceive letting conversation take its normal twists and turns as hijacking (and refuse to let people engage in that kind of controlling behaviour, with me).

Thanks for the contribution! Funny stuff. I hope others got a kick out of it, too!