Just wanted to say hey to everyone, I haven't been active much in the last few months. In an effort to update, we are about to move to Fort Lewis, WA, leaving behind Fort Drum, NY and are very excited, the past 3 years here have been very taxing to say the least. I haven't done much with my truck either, just trying to drive safely through the winter, and just now getting some preventive checks done before we drive cross country with my bike in the back and pulling a trailer, with my wife driving her car as well. Speaking of my bike, I have done some routine upgrades to it and predominately ride it every chance I get, as long as the weather behaves.

I have been attending school full time on top of work which has included nearly 2.5 to 3 months of near constant field training so my free time has been severely limited..I know I have missed out on some of the activity here and hope everyone is doing well. Hope to have a little more free time once I get signed in to my new unit, and meet up with some GMTC peeps in the Pacific NW region.