This is for my neighbor. He bought this truck right when i moved in. Turns out the pre-owner never chainged the oil, the valve train baked itself dry, and the engine froze.... wish i moved in sooner to tell him 'dont buy it' lol

anyway- were starting to take everything apart to do an engine swap. im excited cause this is the newest vehicle ive ever done this in (its always been carb non emission engines)
any advice?

its 2wd so that will make it easier. I think its a 2002. he still needs to find a replacement long block... my only concern is tunning this new engine once we change out everything.
things like valve lash and timing are totaly different for these engines because of the computer.

dose the valve-lash and timming come preset when you get a new engine? I was thinking we would clear the computer's memory, then disable the ignition, and trun the engine over to both prime it, and let the sensors talk to the computer for crank position, etc... then see if it starts itself.

any advice on the procedure, where to get a engine, or resources to explore would be awesome.