I am sorry I have been out of it these past few days. First off many of my friends have enjoyed my jokes that I send and some don't, I have told you that some of the Funny's come from a good old friend/customer when I was in retail of mine she was 82 this year. Some of you may have even met her I used to take some friends up to her 200 year old house up in Cornwall on the Hudson, NY, I used to love to go up there and Just relax and enjoy the views. Well these past few years she has been very sick but that did not stop her. She still got around and even drove into the city to see her mother. (Who will be 101!! This Sat) She was Old but Nicole would tell the dirtiest jokes and always tell you about being a bathing suit model when she was younger. And I have seen the pics she was a looker.. If I bought a female friend up to her house she would always say Remember Glenn when you put on the Condom the Barbed Wire goes on the inside.. Even if they were just friends.. She is the one who back in 2010 I spent 4-5 hours digging her out of 3 ft of snow to bring her milk while getting my truck stuck on her drive way 4 times trying to get to her door where her and her Late Hubby were waiting..

She died last night after being on Life support for 2-3 days I last spoke to her about 2 weeks ago I made her call me every 2 days so I knew she was still around.. I wish she was.. She will be missed.....

Anyway I could go on and on about her. I am told that a memorial will be help sometime next week...

2nd bad news is that my mother who is Blind, Fell down a flight of stairs at her friends house this week breaking 3 bones by her neck and some damage to her shoulder/arm. She is still in the hospital for 3 days now.. I will get more info tonight when my father gets home..

Sorry to bring the Sad news..

Thanks for being a friend..


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