I own a 1988 Chevy Suburban, 2wd r10.
every time I turn the key, after about 15 seconds it burns out the cooling fan motor relay. This part right here:
After this relay burns out, there are no lights in the dashboard. no ignition, no click, no power. Also, it drains the battery. if I try to jumpstart it afterwards, I get an explosion of sparks when I hook up the alligator clamps to the terminal. Not fun.
Here is a list of what I've tried so far:
unplugged the blower motor
ripped open the harness and dashboard, sifted through piles of multi-colored spaghetti, found nothing. (so far. more suggestions in this department are welcome)
checked every fuse, none are blown. which makes no sense. why does it burn out the relay instead of a fuse or in-line fuse?
I haven't recieved much help in the way of wiring diagrams, all of the ones I've found are really simple or partial and don't go very far in depth.
Any help at all, or gut feelings, or comments are greatly appreciated! this thing's been out of commission for a month and a half. The damn thing doesn't even have an electric cooling fan. (or did it? maybe someone before me modded it.. I think it has a thermal clutch on the fan)