I have decided, now that I only drive my big truck once a week or so, that it's time to finally make it my dream truck

My truck is an 05 sierra Z71. It came factory with 4.10 gears and the L33 engine which from my research is a pretty nasty engine, flat top pistons, 10.0:1 compression and a bigger cam than the other 5.3s and its an all aluminum block. I have been looking around all over the internet and found several top end packages and other goodie bundles. I have come to be fond of the Trick Flo packages, and an STS turbo kit. But is my motor the LS2 or LS1, or what ???? Will these kits work well with the turbocharger, or should I just build a kit from scratch?
http://www.summitracing.com/parts/TFS-K305-455-425/ thats the trick flo kit I've looked at. I was wanting a cam with a little lower lobe separation for that choppy idle, of course I would get an EFI live tune. So anyone have suggestions on parts or performance shops in SC, NC or even GA that i could contact?