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    Default 04 chevy silverado exhaust question

    Hi there,
    04 silverado 5.3l 4x4 ext cab. Since last fall i've had a tickish type sound (also sounds airy). I checked under my truck while the truck was running and I felt exhaust leaking at the first joint in the [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]exhaust [COLOR=blue !important]pipe[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] (on drivers side). i did that last fall. Today was fix it day so i pick up a exhaust gasket from lordco. after removing the 3 nuts on the drivers side and then the ones on the passenger side the [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]exhaust [COLOR=blue !important]system[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] dropped. I was expecting to find a broken gasket on the drivers side but i found nothing no sign of an old gasket. there was a round ring that was recessed into the end of the pipe that i could pop in and out.( so there was no old gasket there). I put in a new and tighten everything back up but the sound was still there and there was still exhaust leaking in the same spot.( its right at the join) should exhaust come from there? what did i do wrong?. I'm going to redo [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]everything [COLOR=blue !important]tomorrow[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR].... just try again
    thanks for any help

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    Got any pics? Also is this before the converters or after?
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    no pics sorry, its before the the converters

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    I don't recall there being a gasket between the exhaust manifold exit and the downpipe. The manifold should have a rounded end which fits into the downpipe rounded female end, and clamps tight, with no leaks. Check to be sure the downpipe is in proper alignment, not out of line with the joint. It should run straight from the manifold when joined. The downpipe can sometimes develop cracks/splits near the joint, and not always easy to see. Check closely all around the downpipe for that. If all is good, I have no ideas for you.

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    thanks im gonna go and take it apart right away... The gasket that lordco sold me is the exact fit/shape for the pipe and the bolt holes line up perfectly.

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    and just thinking about it i believe the manifold side was flat

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    Well its either a donut or cone that slides onto the converter side and goes inside the ex manifold or a flat 3 bolt almost home plate looking gasket. From waht i read it sounds like the donut. Is this pipe extending up from the converter into the manifold or are they both flat?

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    from the converter to the manifold.. its welded at the converter then there about a foot of pipe going to the manifold. it leaks at this joint here. this end and the manifold end are both flat but in the foot long pipe (converter side) at the joint there is a round ring that is recessed into that pipe. yesterday i could pop it out now i get it out...could it be i need a new ring and there not suppose to be a flat gasket in there... hope that makes some sense

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    i've pulled the ring out it looks ok not cracked going to try and go get a replacement

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    check the exhaust manifold bolts and the manifold gaskets for failure.

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    i can feel exhaust coming out right at the joint where the pipe bolts to the manifold. i just went and ordered a new ring or "doughnut" hopefully that will fix it it will be in tomorrow

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    I just put a new ring or "doughnut" in, it has helped a little but still leaking a little exhaust.....frustrated!

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