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    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.

    Default 1998 Suburban- 1/2 ton EBC pads Greenstuff Yellowstuff BETTER BRAKING??

    My only real pick with my 1998 Suburban-mine since 2007
    is the brakes-they aren't great OK not horrible-but not good.
    Any chance those expensive EBC Greenstuff $100 or EBC Yellowstuff $150 pads would do what they claim
    improve braking-cold braking 10-15%

    Powerstuff or Powerstop-has a kit-rotors+ pads-much cheaper $220 pads and rotors-and they claim 20% better stopping-which I would gladly pay if it is true.

    EBC has rotors+ yellowstuff pads- $550-claim they improve braking-but I suspect they really mean high temp braking-brake fade-and I don't tow or ride the brake pedal so I never get brake fade

    Anyone have a $500 solution for better brakes on 96-99 1/2 tons??
    Brembo calipers HUGE rotors-$1500-not on the table-but I love this truck-if it worked-I might be game.It would allow me to keep this 1998 which works great gets good mpg-instead of eventually buying a 2004-and getting a pig in a poke-mainly for better brakes

    1998 suburban-
    1/2 ton

    199500 miles

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    I think that @SurrealOne uses those pads. Maybe he can tell us if he has noticed improved stopping distances.

    1995 Silverado 4x4
    6" BDS Suspension Lift-3" Body Lift-Add A Leaf in rear -Trailmaster SSV Shocks-Duel Steering Stabilizer Kit -AirAid Cold air intake-
    4.56 Gears with Detroit Auburn Locker-Pro-Comp Traction Bars with duel shocks-Aluminum Skid Plate Kit-38.5" x 16.5" Mickey Thompson Baja Claws-Constant Dropping fuel gauge

    2005 Yukon XL Jet Power Programmer, Bilstein Shocks, Bilstein rear springs, Helwig Anti-sway bars, EGR Window Visors, EGR Hood Shield, Denali Headlights, Headlight harness upgrade, GE NightHawk Bulbs, White Night Rear lighting system, Russell Braided SS brake lines, PowerStop Brake pads, PowerStop cross drilled and Slotted Rotors,
    2002 Silverado ext cab 2wd (Sold)
    2003 Yukon XL (Totaled)

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    Jun 2006
    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.


    Surrealone- you out there??
    Are they any good??

    Yeah-my only dislike with this Suburban-greatest $2950 car in the world-is the brakes.They are marginal.
    Some idiot came over the line one morning-dark rainy-about 1.5 months ago-I was starting to stand on the brakes-but not much happens.They work as designed-but that isn't good.

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    Jun 2006
    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.


    Does he like them- the Hawk pads??
    do they work noticeably better than stock??

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    I prefer semi-metallic pads to ceramic pads a) because they have better cold bite than ceramic pads and b) because they have less tendency to induce warping in rotors since they transfer more heat from the rotors than ceramics do.

    I've used Hawk pads for years because they offer very good performance at a reasonable price (compared to, say, Brembo pads, pricewise) and they don't produce too much dust. When my OEM Brembos needed to be replaced on my 2006 300C SRT8, all my pad research led me to Hawks for a solid combination of performance and price. When I stopped driving sports cars and began driving trucks, my 2001 Silverado got Hawks ... again because performance and price research led me to them, not because I'm stuck on them. When I moved to a 2004 GMC Sierra, I did my research, yet again, and came up with ... Hawks.

    Am I satisfied with them? Yes! Would I change anything about them? Well, bedding them in is important ... and annoying ... so if I didn't have to do that it'd be great -- but you have to do that for all pads, so I'm clearly dreaming big and being unreasonable, here. I suppose my one complaint is that sometimes when it's cold/wet out they moan when cold and first applied, in the morning ... usually as I'm braking while backing up. It's slight and gone after first use, but it still bugs me, because I'm pretty picky.

    I have mostly black wheels, by the way ... which I mention because dust shows up badly on black wheels ... and the dust produced is so slight I never feel obligated to wash my truck or wheels due to dust build-up. That's a bonus I didn't expect in truck pads.

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