My only real pick with my 1998 Suburban-mine since 2007
is the brakes-they aren't great OK not horrible-but not good.
Any chance those expensive EBC Greenstuff $100 or EBC Yellowstuff $150 pads would do what they claim
improve braking-cold braking 10-15%

Powerstuff or Powerstop-has a kit-rotors+ pads-much cheaper $220 pads and rotors-and they claim 20% better stopping-which I would gladly pay if it is true.

EBC has rotors+ yellowstuff pads- $550-claim they improve braking-but I suspect they really mean high temp braking-brake fade-and I don't tow or ride the brake pedal so I never get brake fade

Anyone have a $500 solution for better brakes on 96-99 1/2 tons??
Brembo calipers HUGE rotors-$1500-not on the table-but I love this truck-if it worked-I might be game.It would allow me to keep this 1998 which works great gets good mpg-instead of eventually buying a 2004-and getting a pig in a poke-mainly for better brakes