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    Question Corvette servo with firmer accumulator springs & sonnax 4th servo

    Is this setup too much for a 4l60e to handle?

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    I have something like that not sure about specifics as it was about 4 years ago but the trans should be fine as long as somebody that knows what they are doing installs it. Also while you are there replace the separator plate as the check balls tend to beat the crap out of it.
    01' 1500 LT Z71 ECSB 5.3L
    line-x'd front brush guard with KC Daylighters, 6000k HID lows and highs, rewired highbeams, Trans-go mild shift kit, custom stainless duals, 3500 dually OEM taillights, K&N CAI. Still have OEM fender flairs and leveling kit in boxes waiting for time.

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    yeah that was the plan, im going to forge & upgrade everything i can, i want to be able to hook a space shuttle engine to it & be able to yank the moon out of the sky & it not be a problem XD...or at least some where around there

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    My buddy installed the transgo SK 4l60e series L kit in my 01 5.3 4x4 with some extra parts and valve body work. Shifts great and i did have a check ball stuck in the plate so it was good timing. Now if im on it the 1-2 shift will break the rear loose even with my fat tires and the eaton diff. When it comes time to rebuild it will get the rock hard treatment with improved hard parts like sun shell and extra cluth discs but prob wont be for a long time. I believe the kit used the corvette style springs and metal plates for the accum and servo.

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    I've been contemplating this mod, myself. @shibby2oo8, what's the shift like if you're NOT on it? I don't like harsh shifts from auto trannies, hence why I ask.

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    Alittle firmer but not very noticeable. Its more of a shift improver/ trans life extender type deal than just performance. There were valve body issues with some years on the 1-2 shift which is why i think its alittle firmer than oe but i love it. If i get another 4l60e truck it will get it. One thing i will say is make sure an experienced guy does it because its basically machining your valve body with a handfull of new parts. Its not noticeable if you were not looking for it unless you were getting on it.

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    thats legit breaking loose big tires, i plan on doing 285's & i would want that at WOT, but that is what i would want is something noticeable but not harsh at part throttle. good setup!!! but i am concerned that a shift kit might be too much with my setup, i have firmer accumulator spirngs, the servos, bigger boost valve, wide & i have heard that more clutches firms up shifts as well, makes me nervous, haha, but that is also a plan on mine is to add more clutches

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    I have a 2002 2500 and it has a shift kit in it. wish I knew what was done to it but the tranny was rebuilt before I bought the truck. The truck only has 265 mud tires on it, but at WOT when it slams second and I mean slams second you want to be paying attention because its coming around. The thing that I hate is how hard it slams. I'm afraid I'm going to have a drive line or worse laying in the road. When I drive it normal it shifts great, nice and fast and smooth. Just wanted to share my story of my tranny and shift kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shibby2oo8 View Post
    One thing i will say is make sure an experienced guy does it because its basically machining your valve body with a handfull of new parts.
    @aloxdaddy99 and I were both under the impression that the servo replacement was pretty straightforward -- as in remove OEM part, replace with vette upgrade, adjust your tune if you feel like it (I would), and go on with life. Is this not so?

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    I know that you need to make some fluid exit ports to use the servo upgrade atleast. Im not a trans guy but usually you need to accomodate the new parts with tweeks in port sizes and springs in the valve body so everything works properly. That servo controls multiple shifts so you need to make sure it wont harm the trans. Also like i said earlier is that check ball worn down the separator plate for the 1-2 shift a new servo might lodge that ball inthere.

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