I've decided to finally address my check engine light and code P0449. I haven't messed with it yet to know if it is the solenoid or just a clog but I would like feedback on which parts to buy.

Here's one ACDelco part from Amazon which is what I'm considering buying...

Here's another part which fits my truck which includes both the canister/solenoid assembly plus the purge vent...
It's actually $9 cheaper than the one above so maybe I just need to go with it.

Both from above need this wiring harness as well...

What are the opinions on these and are the Amazon prices the best? I'm a prime member btw so free shipping on all of them.

Also, is the ACDelco part # 20995472 only for NBS trucks? Because the full kit for it is much cheaper than the others and looks to include hoses and a mounting bracket. My truck is a 2005 Silverado 1500 which I know the products I linked above fit.