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    Default O/T - Remodeling. What should it cost for contractor French Doors & Pocket Doors?

    I'm going to change my small formal dining room into my new home office - we have a large kitchen eating area that we use all the time, and have lived in this house for 7 years and have used the dining room to eat like 5 times ever.

    So it's essentially a mostly walled off room, there is an opening that looks like it was designed for french doors as an option - just about seven feet wide and eight feet tall. Then there is a small passage way from the dining room to the kitchen that is right at 36-inches wide and one side has nothing in the wall, no outlets or switches.

    What's it going to cost? I'm looking at the pre-hung french door at 36"x2 would mean there would have to be 6-inches of wall built on either side (or 12-inches on just one side) ... pricing out Lowes / Home Depot stocked models about $350. The pocket door total looks like about $125 for the door and the complete framed pocket door kit they sell. I know there's labor, paint, nails, time ... What's some rough estimates for what it would cost?

    Mind you, I don't want someone who doesn't know what they're doing coming out here to do this ... and I don't want the best either.

    Update: just adding in better photos.

    Going to use one of these pre-hung stock french doors and I may have to hunt around to find the 36-inch french doors that match close to the rest of the house.

    Here's the unused dining room that will be my new office, but with the doors on it, a future owner could use this as a formal dining room again.

    36" opening that goes into the kitchen.
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    It all depends if it is a load bearing wall or not. If it is, might be a problem and might not. If it is they will have to put in a support beam. That will cost some cash. If not at all, letís say from a Home Depot or Lows $1000 to $2000 with door. I would say this would be with out paint touch up as well.
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    Not load bearing wall at all. I put up a general handyman / small remodeling job up on craigslist and I've received something like 25 inquiries thus far. Most people who've seen more pictures of what it involves are coming in about $300 to 400 plus materials.

    So the whole project should cost me about about $1000 total start to finish when you include paint, trim, hardware, etc. Now I just have to pick two or three of them and have them come over to bid the job with quote and we'll maybe get started in the next week or two.

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    Referrals, referrals, referrals. That is not bad at all. Good luck with it all.

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    Having been the general on two major remodels (my own homes), I would warn you to make sure the contractor has a valid state license, and that they give you their insurance bond number so you can go online with your state office for this and look it up. Also ask for their business license number and they should show you the certificate. If they don't have a valid license where they pay tax and employee tax (if any) along with your state industrial, as well as having a contractor's bond, run away from them - FAST. Craigslist is an attractive nuisance for shady contractors who don't pay taxes and don't have a contractor's bond.
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    Like 'The Heater' said, using a licensed and bonded company is the only way to go. Heard too many horror stories in my field of work about people using unproven and uninsured "contractors" to do work on their house or business. Ends up costing double what they would have paid a licensed/bonded contractor to do the original scope just to fix the damage done.
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