Hey guys new on here this is the first forum that i have been part of. I have a question about towing and wanted to see if anyone else has had the same problems that i am having with my truck. I have a 2008 chevy silverado regular cab with the 4.8l v8 and i am having a problem when i tow my boat. Now this isnt a big bay boat or anything its a 16' aluminum jon boat that might weigh 1600 lbs at the most. i have noticed that when i am crusing at 70mph at about 1800rpms the truck will down shift and the rpms shoots up to 3000 rpms and this is on flat highways around the houston texas area. i have also noticed that the transmition temp goes from about 165f to around 195f. Is this a major problem? When i bought the truck i didnt get the towing package could this be why i am having trouble also? and the truck does the same thing when it is empty going through the texas hill country. Thanks in advance