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    Is it connected to the master cylinder for the brakes?

    1995 Silverado 4x4
    6" BDS Suspension Lift-3" Body Lift-Add A Leaf in rear -Trailmaster SSV Shocks-Duel Steering Stabilizer Kit -AirAid Cold air intake-
    4.56 Gears with Detroit Auburn Locker-Pro-Comp Traction Bars with duel shocks-Aluminum Skid Plate Kit-38.5" x 16.5" Mickey Thompson Baja Claws-Constant Dropping fuel gauge

    2005 Yukon XL Jet Power Programmer, Bilstein Shocks, Bilstein rear springs, Helwig Anti-sway bars, EGR Window Visors, EGR Hood Shield, Denali Headlights, Headlight harness upgrade, GE NightHawk Bulbs, White Night Rear lighting system, Russell Braided SS brake lines, PowerStop Brake pads, PowerStop cross drilled and Slotted Rotors,
    2002 Silverado ext cab 2wd (Sold)
    2003 Yukon XL (Totaled)

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    Don't know. Here are pics of the offending item: Tried to capture it as best I could. As you look into the engine bay, it's on the right hand side, as the back of the bay. Clearly accessible and visible - which according to my engineer friend - reckons if you can see it and access it - it's an easy fix.

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    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.


    www.partsgeek again- K2500 brake booster $227
    Still not too bad.
    Looks like a brake booster to me-but not one bit like my HUGE vacuum booster off my C1500-
    and your buddy is certainly right-easy to get to is VERY GOOD.
    I would much prefer an expensive $500 part sitting right out there on the firewall-to a tough to get to $50 part
    Whenever you pull parts off-the more you pull off-the more likely you are to unintentionally screw up some part that WAS GOOD before you touched it.
    By you-I mean-ME -easy to screw something up when you do it for the 1st time.
    In any case this will be simple for your mechanics-curious to see how expensive it is there-the part-guessing it will be more-much more-than at an online discounter here in the USA.Still even $500 is a cheap repair by current standards-
    almost no repairs are just $500-parts and labor
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    1998 suburban-
    1/2 ton

    199500 miles

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    Ok, so Spoke to a guy who lives on the same compound and who also owns a Suburban. He suggested I speak to his mechanic which I did this morning regarding getting hold of parts.

    OEM parts is 2700 sr ( 720 USD )
    Used spare part is 550 sr ( 120 USD) so for now I'm going with the cheaper option. Picking up the part tomorrow and then taking it in the workshop to have it fitted.

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    Yep, that is the hydro brake booster. It is easy to get to on the fire wall. BUT, you must crawl under the dash and disconnect it from the brake pedal and remove 3 bolts in there. It is not real easy. Just a heads up, I had one replaced on my 2005 less than a year ago. I am now on my forth unit in less than a year. (keep replacing under warranty) The shop keeps buying the Cardone re-manufactured unit and everyone one has leaked at a seam where the two halves of the unit meet. The unit currently on my truck is leaking now. I would also be careful about buying a used unit, as there were a few years (not sure 2000-2004??) that were involved in a recall because a bad valve inside. The bad valve caused the brake pedal to travel to the floor when pressed while turning right.

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    Jun 2006
    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.


    Hmmm-I wonder what a genuine GM part would cost-here in the USA- then ship to you??
    I have been thru the cheap part-life time warranty mill before
    Autozone brake master cylinder for a 86 Toyota truck.
    After replacing it-3 times in 4 months- I gave up on the cheap-went Toyota rebuilt-2.5X as much-but never replaced it again.

    Just how much is it leaking??
    Granted it is your brakes-but if it is a tiny leak-you could get it shipped from the USA- and get a genuine GM part-might take several weeks-but??
    But $720 USA for genuine GM probably close to what it would cost here- if Cardone is $235-Genuine GM probably $500 plus here from a discounter
    If the used part is a low mile not rebuilt part-or not cheapo rebuild it could be just fine.
    If as Pikey mentions-it is the cheap Cardone rebuild-might be better to get a genuine part?
    But labor is cheap there-so the 1-2 hrs labor $30 isn't a concern-here 2 shop hrs is at least $200!!
    Should work out ok
    I'm a cheapskate and would be greatly tempted to do just what you are doing
    Keep the leaking part as a backup for a few months-in the vehicle-just in case the other part fails in some really bad way
    Yeah I would cheap out-$150 vs $750- YEP=$600 easy choice since labor is cheap-and I'm not doing labor
    If I was crawling under dash-different story-maybe-but $600 is $600!!

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    Could be possible to source out genuine part in US and then shop it out here. I have an Aramex account so have a 'virtual' US address. I would guess shipping to there would probably be free but then I'd pay for shipping out to Saudi - and of course it's done by weight! Reckon it would cost me $30 for shipping? Anyway, have ordered the replacement part, with some luck should get it tomorrow and maybe get it to the workshop for it to be fitted by the evening.

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    Jun 2006
    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.


    Part looks not huge??
    I used to ship ebay stuff-bicycle parts(fancy Campagnola parts) and some motorcycle parts
    Not sure how big a box you can use-but that part didn't look too big??\
    Global priority used to be fairly cheap-maybe $30-$45 for something that size to Japan for example-super quick-6-7 ACTUAL DAYS River Ridge Louisiana(suburb of new orleans) to Tokyo suburb
    Probably more expensive to S A -but might make sense for high value important parts when you wanted OEM
    If I can help-let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoebeisis View Post
    If I can help-let me know
    Will do, thanks - much appreciated. Hope to get the part today and will probably take it in the workshop tomorrow.

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    Just to post up a bit of an update. Got the hydro brake booster sorted, the mechanic I found actually came round the my house and fixed it on the drive. Cost me around 150usd for the used part and around another 50usd to give to the mechanic. Runs much better than it did. Also took down to a local stereo shack and the guy there fitted a new mother board to stereo head unit, which now also works better!

    Need to get it back to the mechanic now as the ABS sensor needs doing and I think the tracking /steering alignment needs sorting. Otherwise, enjoying getting around 12mpg at these fuel prices!

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